We have variety of slimming treatments.

Chili Wrap : Treating cm loss over the whole body by using a active cream that contains capsicum.  The product penetrates the skin and goes directly to the fat cell, where is begins to dissolve the fat cell into very small pieces so that is can be removed through the lymphatic system. 

G-Form 5 Machine : This treatment is excellent for treating cellulite, water retention and any stubborn area.  Electrodes is used to place all over the body (mostly the problem areas), and then the proses of Electropolysis follows in an hour of breaking down any fat deposits in the body and then also helping with the circulation of the body’s lymphatic system.

Detox Massages : Either full body or half body detox.  Manually we massage the body with a strong detoxifying oil that leaves the body feeling refreshed and energised.  Not very relaxing as it is a very hard massage to drain all excess fluid in the body.  Helps for the appearance of cellulite and poor circulation.